A light pull for my living room! Totoro!!

Today was spend money. And when I say that, I do not stutter or joke. In all actuality, the last three days have been spend money, and I'm no where near where I need to be in the apartment. The place was left in okay order and there are quite a few things I can use still, but there are many things I need to see to both my habits and creature comforts. Like highlighters…a girl needs color in her writing and scheduling.


Here in Japan, there are the mist amazing dollar stores ever. I mean that. It's nothing like the ones at home, and I already can tell I'm going to miss the crud out of them when I go home. We are talking HUGE and useful stuff. Just imagine a Dollar General, but larger, cuter, more versatile, and better quality. I have gone there everyday since my first morning here! Also, it's in walking distance, sort of lol, from my apartment.


There is also a place called Falulu. Yes. That's Falulu, no typo! It's very much like a mall, but not nearly as snooty. They being there dogs onside. Little kids run around. People take naps on the benches at the entrance I assume awaiting their better halves to wake them and make the, carry the bags home. Hahahaha! Just recently, Alma and I stopped at an ice cream vending machine beside the escalators at that entrance and spent a little over $1.20 each to get something cold for our long walk home. I chose grape and fully enjoyed lavishly devouring it across the bridge home. It was soooo good! I'm sure I looked highly inappropriate, but in all honesty, and between you and I, I didn't particularly care! Hahahaha!

Panda pocket from the local grocery store


There is an electronics store that needs to consider putting in some Xbox associated things (I can't find ANYthing for my Xbox here; I wish I had known it would be so difficult!) and maybe install a MUCh better air conditioner, if there is one at all. Lol

Finally, aside from a grocery store, post office, seven-eleven, and tons of clinics and hair salons, there is a place called Round 1! It has a huge bowling pin atop its building. I have not, as of yet, had the chance to go inside, but it seems like a blast. All I have to say is, 24 hour bowling! Need a say MORE? I thought not.


This Ramune was a little over one USD! Soo cheap!!

The little pink cat was a welcome gift from Hayley! So kawaii!! Which means cute!


2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Oh Erica it is so good to be back in steady contact with you. This week has been hard for me not hearing much from you. I’m better now and I feel like i’m breathing again. Lovin the blog, keep it up. Love ya Ma

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