Lesson Taught

I always feel that the best way to learn something, is to teach it to someone else.

So, today, with the thought of being a good sempai – if only by a few days – I took Angela, the newest ALT to a store in the opposite direction from Falulu with the intent to buy new sheets for her bed. The road below, is the T-crossing that caps my street. That adorable couple you see we’re holding hands and are only the second couple to show PDA since I’ve been here.

Holding hands is so sweet, but this heat!

After feeling as if I had gotten us lost, we arrived in good time and shape! I bought some adorable hand towels for my kitchen. I’ve been using what I believe to actually be a sweat cloth or a shower washcloth with a cute bear pattern, seen below.

Look at all those clean dishes!

I actually bought clothes!!! The strangest thing about this store to me was that in order to try clothes on you had to take off your shoes to enter the dressing room. I actually think its sort of cute. Unless I get someone else’s toe fungus…then it will be way less cute…

On our way home, Angela wondered if this little side street she saw would be a shortcut. I of course suddenly remembered that it was! Humming Road.

This is a very pretty little walkway reserved for walkers and cyclists. I took some pictures of flowers along the way. There were white, purple, pink, and even orange blooms every few feet.

I finally remembered to get a picture of Angela! I know you all would like a visual of the new and old friends I am making.

Ain’t she a cutie!

Angela had to carry this huge bag and we STILL went to the grocery store after which was pretty funny. We tried to stash the bag at the bottom of our grocery cart, but it kept falling out…we still managed though!

Me on a set of swings we found along the way

These swings were definitely not made for my, eh hem, larger bone structure…XD

I’m totally cool in these shades

This was the walkway up which we have to take in order to get home. So picture-esque no?

I love those shadows on the ground

Well, that was our trip! We both had fun and I had a confidence boost, which is saying quite a bit since I was sure I could never buy clothes here. Shoes of course, are an entirely different story. I’m sure God hears prayers about shoes…right?

4 thoughts on “Lesson Taught

  1. I was wondering about clothes…when in Singapore, my roommate (who was a size 2) had to buy a Large t-shirt, in mens!

  2. Oh you are big girl on campus are you? You’ve been there 2 weeks and you are now leading others! That’s my girl! Showed people your long socks and they are convinced they are so cute and they said “she’d wear them”!

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