My Apartment

Just some pics of my apartment! One you’ve seen before! Sorry! 🙂

I’m the bottom apartment! Alma lives upstairs.

Not my books, but you can bet I was happy to see them

One of the girls who is leaving is keeping some luggage here.

My drawers! Check out my self made jewelry holder

My inherited desk

My bike

My, as usual, messy bed

The window that I use as a second entrance…and my sexy legs! 😉 lol

Here are the clothes I bought at the store today!!

The text says, fog bow extend

Long socks!

There are many barber shops on my street, or hair salons as they may be called.

The sunflowers in front of my grocery store, drug store, and train station. Sooo pretty!!! They make me cheery to see them everyday almost. It’s strange because Yachiyo is a rose town apparently like Tyler.

Pizza is a little over five dollars here…sad face

Look how expensive cereal is!

When Alma, Angela, and I went to the grocery and drug store tonight because we needed sick meds for them and food. OF course we had to stop at the 7-11 too. We were stopped on two occasions once by a man and then a woman. They were very nice but I couldn’t understand a word the nice lady said but she was so sweet! I loved meeting her. The gentleman was so kind; his name Mr. Ogawa and he will be visiting Tyler soon either as a guest or a certified English guide for other Japanese visitors. Please take care of him for me!

And one last picture, just for fun.

12 thoughts on “My Apartment

  1. Oh Erica this was a great way to share your world with us! Sorry the girls are sick, we will be getting together the care package for you!

  2. Erica these are awesome!! I wish I would of done something like this before rushing off and being a mom!! I know you are home sick it seems but just remember your a phone call away from those who love you.. You have the greatest opportunity to grow in God and share his love.. I know your mom is very proud of you! Take lots of pictures!! Oh I would be packs the streets daily with camera in hand lol
    Big hugs! I am so very proud to see what an amazing woman you have become with such an amazing heart!

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