Survival of the Balanced

Being in an very small earthquake feels a lot like living above a train station. The shades rattle, dishes clink and clank, all the while I'm peeping out, wide eyed, into the night to catch a glimpse of this elluisive and imaginary train.


Anyway, be proud I survived my first earthquake! At least he first I remember. I've now experienced a tornado, draught, hail, snow, lightening, and earthquake weather phenomena! Which may sound impressive, but don't be fooled. I truly am, for the most part, just your average joe! 😉 Hahahaha!

The first of my soon to be extensive collection!


Another capsule toy! I've decided to collect these and put them on my window sill to keep me company. ^_^ hopefully I can manage to get all the pieces!


One last thing, there is a tiny restaurant near our apartment a little after the 7 eleven and down a small unmarked road called Punalu. You can just barely see it from the street and would really have to be looking to spot it. It's a Hawaiian place that serves great and actually quite lovely food, came with a purple flower and everything! The couple that owns it also does hula and ukulele lessons. I think ukulele might be my first endeavor here, aside from Japanese of course. Angela, Alma, and I decided to pop in for the first time and we all had a deliciously nice time. OH! And they have a happy hour! -wiggles eyebrows-


8 thoughts on “Survival of the Balanced

  1. What is this happy hour?? An hour where everyone is happy?!? Lol you can’t drink…lol you will forever be in Jt mind to young to drink… Just remember moderation lol

  2. Earthquakes are just nature’s way of shaking things up.. hehe. Be sure to keep us updated on the capsule toy collection. What a fun way to document your time there.

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