Tradition and Halting Japanese

Yesterday, all of the ALTs had to go to the BOE or Board of Education where we technically work. The Japanese are very much about tradition, so every time a new ALT becomes a part of the BOE, they have a ceremony of sorts.

First, you have to receive a piece a certificate stating your Official ALT position. To do so, you must be called into an open room, bow to the dude that's your top boss, not as boss as the mayor though, his assistant, and like four other people. It's just one bow though, to clarify. The assistant reads your certificate aloud; the boss dude takes the paper from his assistant; he holds it out bowing as he hands the certificate to you and you, at the same time, bow to receive it, both of us having our hands on each respective corner.

Like that! That's me in the top left corner


Next, we go into a room a few feet away and stand to the side listening to a few welcome speeches that are translated into English for us by Mr. Moro, or read in both English and Japanese.

Lastly, all of the three new ALTs read a speech out loud. The big issue with this had been the confusion about what language it should be in. I know, this should be an easy one for those of you who know I speak no Japanese. Hahahaha! But, all the confusion aside, I had about four lines in Japanese and one in English. I didn't look up much because while I would have liked to memorized it, I had only had to for about a day. 😛 oh well. I opened my speech up with “Howdy” though which sent the girls into a struggle to cover their giggles. XD I said hello in Japanese, it's nice to meet you, my name, where I was from and then, that I hoped I would learn and each a lot in Yachiyo. I told them in English that I had already made many beautiful memories and ended my speech with “Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” which loosely translated means “please take care of me” though, depending on the situation, has many other meanings.

All of this years ALTs


Here we all are. In order from left to right, top: Angela, Alma, and ME, bottom: Hayley, Brianna, and Jenny. All of whom I am deeply indebted for helping me out so much during this transition, yoroshiku onegai shimasu!!!

After a small meeting to setup orientation with Mr. Moro and Ms. Sato, we got to go home.

Tune in next time for: the final boss fight – The Mayornator! Buauhahahaha! I hear he's very laid back and fun. Of course, that might be just what they tell me to put me off my guard! <.< (look left) >.> (look right)

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