A Taste of Home

I love Ronald!

McNugget!!! We had to travel about an hour into Tokyo in order to visit New Hope church. We were a bit hungry, so we stopped and spent our spare time at McDonalds.

Their McDonalds rocks…you can get this friend shrimp burger that would make poor Ian sink to his knees in joy to much.

They also have much cooler, buahahaha, McFlurry options. I wish I had taken a picture, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. 😉

Angela all dressed up

So after our very long but successful train ride, we stepped out into the light of Tokyo. There was so much green around I was sort of shocked. Hahahaha! But it was a welcome and lovely sight.

I forced us to stop over this bridge to take a picture of how pretty it was. Of course I had to get a shot of my gorgeous traveling companion Angela! I suddenly feel like the Dr.! Hahahahaha!

This was the other picture I took over looking the river beneath the previously mentioned bridge.

Now, about New Hope. It is a Protestant church that seems very much about love. Ill post the pictures below of their mission statement and history, but first, my afternoon there.

I very much enjoyed myself I’ll say. Aside from the slight distraction of a glassesed boy who played the trumpet, I was able to enter in. The music was not just what I am used to, the songs seemed a bit older and strangely enough, I felt that the music was a bit too loud, but I did enjoy worship.

I know my dad is laughing at me right now because I always used to get peeved with him when he would tell the worship team, “Turn it down! It’s too loud!” of course I was situated a mere ten feet from the stage.

When they asked me if I minded being so close I gave them my lifted eyebrow quizzical look and responded with, “I’m a pastors daughter, I have no qualms about being close to the front.” I said that and yet I didn’t sit on the front row. Sometimes I think I’M too big for my own breeches! Hahahahaha!

There was a hula dance just before the preaching began and I admit that, though it almost seemed a strange spot for a performance, I thoroughly enjoyed that too!

I know, you’re thinking, ‘Hula?’ yes. The pastor is a Hawaiian and the assistant pastor is from Ausstralia. Whats not to like! Funnily enough, the assistant pastors older brother’s name is Dallas and in school, everyone called him Tex. Im sure I don’t have to explain why. Hahahaha! Even more funny, the pastor’s daughter’s name is Erika. Now imagine how strange it was for me to sit in an audience of roughly a hundred, most of which were Japanese, and hear my name from the, for all intents and purposes, pulpit.

The sermon was informational and moving, funny and biblical. I took something away with me and I feel that that is an important aspect with any sermon. It was a very interesting experience  listening to bith English and Japanese. Oh! They did that with the songs too! A verse and chorus in English and then again in Japanese. I likedthat part quite a bit.

Afterward we went up to the floor above and met with a few other people. It was a lot like a meet and greet and it was here that I met a girl either a little or a but more than a little older than me named Ryoko. When it somehow came out that I began to feel more at home with this church because of all the hugging, something I desperately miss from home, she took it upon herself to give me a hug before Angela and I headed back to Yachiyo. Ryoko was only a third time visitor too! Remembering that small kindness even now, brings tears to my eyes.

Never take for granted the arms of a loved one, there might be a day when you can’t have those arms wrapped around you just whenever you want.

Yep, it really was a taste of home.

About New Hope Tokyo Link

History of New Hope Link

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Home

  1. Great Stuff Erica! I have to ask, what’s with all the peace signs in the pictures, is that a Japanese thing or just what the pokemon guy does???

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