The Daiso, Again.

So today after meeting the mayor, the vice mayor, the director general, some other guy who was nice, and a room full if international workers, Alma and I escorted Angela to the Daiso and Yamada Denki. If I havent said, Yamada Denki is an electronics store. (Denki=electric) I was checking out washing machines because…well, you don't want to know. Anyways, they aren't too bad really.

This is what happens when you go into the Daiso for a bar of soap…

Yup...and this isn't all of it

But really, who says no to a ceramic panda bank…well, I certainly don't. Look how happy he is to see me!

I am discovering that it's very easy to spend money here. I think one of the issues for me is things being in Yen. Its not as if Yen is fake money, but at the same time it's not a dollar. I think it's a mental block that will fade away with time. Let's hope anyway, for my pocket book's sake.

Now, for a video or two!

Here is a capsule toy update!

And I have a bath story for you. I know you all miss my embellished stories and of course the sound of my voice, so here! Something to relieve your melancholy.

The biggest reason you have these videos is because I learned how to take a video with the iPad. I know, I know, I'm a slow witted gal, but bare with me all the same! 😉


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