Hayley Took a Holiday

Alma and I at the Ramen Shop

Orientation has finally made its way into our lifes. Alma, Angela, Jenny, Brianna, and I went to the BOE in order to get acquainted with our up coming work year. While informative, it's also pretty boring stuff, so I won't try and make you read about it.

AFTER, the BOE though, Mrs. Sato, Mr. Moro, and another BOE employee took us out for lunch. We went to a place the girls Aparantly call the ramen shop.

Mrs. Sato and her huge bowl of sour ramen

Alma and I sat with Mrs. Sato, while Angela ate with Mr. Moro and the other BOE employee.

A common issue for me at resteraunts is the language barrier. If I can't read the menu, I can't very well order. XP But I got through it with help and pictures.

Angela, Mr. Moro, and a sweet BOE employee

The food was actually very good. The prices weren't too bad either, but luckily Mrs. Sato had out meals covered. It was very nice of them.

When we returned Alma, Angela, and I all had an interview and out pictures taken by acutie photographer, so we'll be in our local paper. All my answers were of course ridiculous and I laughed so loudly at one point we got in trouble for being too loud. Aside from that, things went well.

Alma's curry ramen

My shrimp tempura ramen

Later I went to the 7-11 and stumbled across this…

Banana flavored bread with chocolate shelll

It was cream filled…Yep…that's all I'm going to say.



4 thoughts on “Hayley Took a Holiday

  1. I want to have one of those banana flavored bread! FYI…we printed off your blog entries and are mailing them to grandma. Also signed grandpa up to get your blog. Love u

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