Those letters stand for Tokyo Disneyland.

I probably haven't been to Disneyland since I was six. That's twenty years! But, the strangest part, is that I didn't feel as if I had ever left. It was like that feeling you get when you reunite with a family member or friend and your conversation starts off exactly where you left it, as if no time had passed at all. Now what that says about my conversational skills, I can't tell you, but Disney and I were just like that.

Angela, Alma, Joshua, Hayley and myself arrived at the park after a fourth-five minute train ride around noon. We later met up with Lynnae and Sean, one of the leaving ALTs and her boyfriend.

We rode a Winnie-the-Pooh ride, a Haunted Mansion ride, Thunder Mountian, It's a Small World, Space Mountain and watched a 3D movie called Philharm Magic at the adamant request of Sean and Lynnae. They wanted to observe my reactions to the movie which were pretty hilarious. If there was water in the movie you got sprayed, wind you got tousled and if they meant to startle you, I was startled. Lol Im a pretty easy target of course.

Winnie-the-Pooh might have been my favorite. Josh said that the ride was a fun experience, but that being beside ME for that ride was a ride in and of itself. Let's just say I must have reached some level of nervahana. Look, they even paid attention to the scent of honey on this ride. It really was a blast.

We ate lunch, went shopping, ate a snack and watched the Electric Parade.

I was able to fangirl myself out

With Chesire Cat gear

These are pretty popular for TDL goers

We saw, met, and took pictures with Disney characters from many different movies, but the rest of this blog will be about one set specifically. We met Bert and Mary Poppings!

When I first saw Bert, and he me, he smiled, waved, and tipped his hat to me. Anyone that knows me can imagine the reams of giggles, high pitched and unstoppable that gushed immediately after THAT encounter. Hayley convinced me to try to take a picture with them since I was clearly so excited.

We were pretty unsuccessful, until Bert saw us attempting to get closer through the mass of excited Japanese children I was very unwilling to trample. He indicated the space beside him, “get closer!”

Now, a childhood character, in real life, is beckoning mr to draw nearer to him. Asking me at point blank to come closer…i can't even describe how happy I felt!! It's actually ridiculous! Hahahaha!

After a few asides asking us to wait a moment, they sort of turned to talk to our little crew of Americans. I ended up talking to the lovely Mary. She asked how long we were in Japan, expressed joy that we would definitely meet again, told me they were from England when I asked, and then took pictures with us. People here are rarely ever so excited to see little ol me, so it really made my day.

Josh and Alma took the photo

What made Wednesday probably the best day I have ever had at any concert, park, or entertainment venue ever in the history of Erica, was this. Later that evening, during the Electric Parade, the Bert and Mary players went by us on their float. I wasn't expecting anything, but the Mary character saw us IN THE CROWD! She nudged Bert who was on our side. He waved and grinned and tipped his hat, but, deciding that even wasn't enough, took his cane and pointed three times our way. You see, Hayley, Alma and myself were all standing like three little ducks in a row! I have probably never been made THAT happy by a perfect stranger whose real name I STILL don't know! Hahahaha!

I do hope we all run into each other again someday! Plus, the guy who played Bert was a super cutie! 😉

Sorry there are so few pictures in this post. I decided I wanted to be able to reexperience Disneyland with my own eyes and not through a camera lens. I hope you still felt some of the excitement I did through these word instead of through pictures. 🙂


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  1. Some of these I haven’t seen so….The pic that says with Chetshire cat gear you sorry but you look like you have cancer and a little creepy made me fall on the floor laughing sorry 😦

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