You Are My Sunshine…

Yesterday I got a letter from my bestie on paper covered in clouds! Today I randomly woke up at 9:33am exactly. We all know what feat that is for Erica. My doorbell rang. I throw myself out of bed, toss some shorts on all without smashing into door frames or chairs. This in and of itself was miraculous, but what waited for me behind the door of my apartment was even better! This:

Because a jar of peanut butter that big isn't even available here…and they haven't heard of Mac n Cheese. So on and so forth.

I love you too!!

A jar this big here costs almost $5!! Yes be shocked.

I of course immediately ran out the door (after i had a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal) and bought bread, weenies, and jam. All on sale I might add! Go me! Dinner was delicious and homey!!

Big Bang AND Mac n Cheese

Mac n Cheese and weenies

Oh, capsule update! Oh yeah! My crew is looking good!



I leave you with this song. It's been stuck in my head since I opened my present. Only cuz it says, “I got sunshine in a bag!” it's probably talking about drugs…lol


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