I know I've been a little lax the last few days on updates. I've been both busy and not busy. Its a complicated…situation?Busy, in that, when I became busy I stayed so and not busy because I had nothing to report until I got busy! Hahahaha! Figure that sentence out if you can.

I should be in bed right now, but I'm sitting up wishing I could be at my home church while they meet. Think of me guys! Im not even in p-jams, which is a big deal for me. But, tonight was nice, aside from the fact that I left my wallet at home when Alma and I went to buy printer ink and groceries. She had to be my heroine. Thank you my unmasked beauty! 🙂

We had a very normal night. By normal I mean we ate hamburgers and french fries! Lol here I am, in a foreign country, eating fries and hamburgers!

I make yummy hamburgers in a fish fryer.

Hayley stopped by as did Angela. We all just sat around playing Sims, Guild Wars 2 with Duke Pendangler, Portal 2, drawing compasses (we can all guess who that was, Angela!), and watching Yukan Club, all the while attempting to talk to James and listen to Mumford and Sons. Hahahaha! It was a full but lovely evening and maybe I just don't want it to end.

Just before Angela came by to chill

I owe you all a post about the beach I know, but I've posted pictures on Facebook, so check them out. I also have a few stories to tell about eating dindin with the mayor and a bunch of other less politically important but equally regularly important people. Imagine me getting flowers AND an adorable stuffed animal as a welcome gift in front of a crowd.


8 thoughts on “Tonight

  1. Sounds like you’ve been doing pretty well…I’m a bit behind on my online stuff because I haven’t been online much lately! But I’m glad you are getting to do lots of fun stuff and eat french fries and go to the beach and eat french fries!

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