Essentially, is a huge party! There's even cheering!! No really, at the end of the night, one of the guys came up to me as I was at the front of the room, this happened for all the new ALTs, and dances as well as does a very shirt cheer just for you! Very strange, but also pretty hilarious. This particular party envolved tons of eating and ALWAYS includes drinking!

As a new ALT Angela, Alma, and I were allowed in for free since this party was technically for us. There was a huge sign at the front won't are names on it! We were directed to our seats. I was wearing a knee length dress I had brought. Unfortunately, since they've been a little picky about what we wear, I was forced to cover my super purdy tat. I felt pretty genius though. I used a square handkerchief like piece of fabric. I tied it on like an ankle bracelet. Looked very intentional and actually nice. It even matched my dress!

Now, there are really only three more points of interest t this story.

#1. I got to sit next to the mayor! I adore the mayor! He is so funny. He made sure I had wine instead of beer. It felt important to be drinking wine with the mayor! Lol We attempted talk and luckily I had a translator to help out. He ended up having to leave early, but it was fun while it lasted.

I think my biggest issue with the night was how often I had to stand for whatever reason. It was like playing musical chairs with no point since you don't trade places! Hahaha!

#2. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve. The are always there, like automatic shields. They pop up at the slightest provocation. So, I was standing at the front of the room for whatever reason, listening to them yammer on about who knows what. BUT, all of the sudden this guy comes down the middle of the room with one of the prettiest bouquets I've ever seen. As he presents it to me, I pull a Ms America face, hands to my opened in shock and surprise mouth. I couldn't help it!! That's how I really felt!! Make fun of it all you want, but a girl likes to get a colorful bouquet.

The flowers are so pretty!

#3. Q and A time. So, all the ALTS are now arranged at the front of the room, old to the left and new to the right. I am first as is always the case for some reason I can't devine and have long since stopped trying to fight. By this time, we have been on “stage” more times then I can count. I've already received another gift: an adorable stuffed Chiba-kun whom I admit freely to snuggling with at night. He is the mascot of sorts for our prefecture because the boundaries resemble his form.

Bc ppl work so much here, he has a tie!

Now, this last is one of my favorite points of the night because as man of you know I enjoy laughing and inducing said laughter myself. Amid more serious questions, Hayley asked us this question: “If you were a superhero, what power would you have?”

Alma's response was the coolest, “to be able to play every instrument in the world.”

I can say I have never thought if such a cool power! How nifty a power that would be.

Now mine, because I am always looking to make people laugh, was sincere, but I'm sure silly to them.

“To speak Japanese!” I said. I was right though, because everyone did laugh!

Before heading home we invited Mr. Moro and Mrs. Sato to eat ice cream at Baskin and Robins. It was the perfect end to an eventful night.

In the end, I had more fun than I was expecting even with the awkward moments where speech barriers attempted to separate us from the bonding that must eventual form between coworkers.

Gambatte everyone!! Let's work well together this year for sure!


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