Oceans Away: Makuhari Beach

Jenny, Hayley, and I decided to head to the beach for the afternoon a few days ago. There was suppose to be a firework show at 6:00.

We live about 45 minutes away by train, which is not bad at all! Once we got off at our stop, Makuhari, Jenny bought the three of us a cheesy dessert puff thing. It was soooo good!! It was like having a piece of cheesecake but in a ball.

The beach was our first destination. We walked for a bit and eventually traveled through an arbor like concrete walkway leading to a path parallel to the beach.

You know that scene in animes or movies where the main character screams at the ocean? Hayley suggested we do it! Hahahaha! I remember thinking about my motto and how I had always wanted to d something like that, so I did!! It is oddly strange how you feel after that. Free maybe? Elated? Even a little embarrassed but totally without repentance. It’s a nice feeling. You should try it.

We played around in the water. Took funny pictures you can look at on Facebook. Gathered shells like I always do. Got attacked by unidentified fishy, crab like, water creatures that liked to bite but left no mark? Hahaha!

Makuhari skyline

Eventually we chose a grassy knoll on the beach surrounded by sand in order to wait out the sunset. We spoke about our childhoods, old jobs, parents, friends, and oh everything. I love those moments. Where the chatter just trickles back and forth, pauses are filled with silent understanding, and stories are littered with laughter. I feel like those are the spaces in life that friendships grow in.

We were eventually too hungry to wait for the fireworks. Somehow the time had been wrong. We waited till almost eight before we gave up and went in search of food.

After a brief discussion, we ended up at a delicious place where I followed my motto and tried cow’s tongue and a few Korean things. This included my future husband’s drink he’s advertising for. Thank you Jang Geun-Suk, you never fail me! The drink was good! In fact, everythng I tried was delicious, yes, even the cow’s tongue.

We talked during our whole meal! I’m very blessed to get the chance to become closer with the girls here. They are such interesting people. I truly think that I will cherish my time in Japan largely because of them. God blesses His children past their expectations doesn’t He.

4 thoughts on “Oceans Away: Makuhari Beach

  1. The first Paragraph after the picture was my favorite thing about this post. You are a very skilled and kind person Erica, l love you.
    Sorry I have been reading most of your posts but I never knew you could comment on them how intriguing.
    Anyways while I was reading your posts I was listening to this you would like it

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