Capsule Collection Update

I just hit the midway point for my Straw Hat Crew. Here are my recent wins.



I'm afraid it will be pretty hard to get Luffy. I wish every time for him, but I'm not really disappointed by the other characters either.

I also have decided to nab these.

Its Franky!

Every time I go to a movie I'll pick one up. Then, not only will I have a movie souvenir, but I will also be able to decorate my apartment. Packing them will be a snitch too.

When we where in Shibuya, I picked this pack up out of a capsule machine.

They are in celebration of Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary. They are stickers! I haven't decided where to put them yet.

Will I manage to collect all of the Mugiwara crew? Can I catch 'em all? Tune in next time!


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