Feeling Homie

Aside from the humorous double meaning to the title, when I got home I saw something very special!

This post is dedicated to Sherry! Thank you so much for my care package! I was having s bit of a rough time and your note and box cheered me right up! It was like a hug from home.

I love the color yellow. It's so cheery.

The first thing I did, aside from opening the card and reading it, was pop a piece of caramel into my mouth. I almost didn't pause to remove the wrapper! Hahahahaha! Actually though, I almost didn't realize there was a card. Hayley pointed it out to me and my excitement tripled to see a familiar scrawl from home.

Mac n Cheese. This has become my comfort food, reminds me of home.

I felt so loved and special. I have the most amazing people in my life. Thank you guys for your continued support. Take this moment and imagine that I enveloped you with a massive hug. I'm taking it to send you one.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Homie

  1. Hey darlin’, y’all get any rain from Sanba or are you far enough east to miss most of it? Did you have to do any typhoon preparations? I remember preparing for my first hurricane; it was kind of exciting 🙂

    • We have gotten a little rain. It’s suppose to storm today actually! I haven’t had to do any prep yet. Of course the way things work around here, I’d end up going to school only to find out that we are having a hurricane and I shouldn’t have come. Lol

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