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Today was the first day that I could realistically take you on my walk home with me. I know I owe you all quite a few posts by now, but so much has gone on and I have such little time to spare these days that I am indeed falling dreadfully behind. Please find it in your heart to forgive this tired teacher by day and masked writer by night, or at least late evening.

I will tell you that Japan can be very quaint when it wishes to be.


Even the streets can seem friendly.


It’s about a forty minute walk home. It’s forty minutes because I’m lazy on my walk home. I doop de doop all the way home. Hahaha!

I have a pretty uncomfortable pinky toe blister. Even my comfy cool shoes aren’t helpful. I took the train this morning because of it.


There is a lovely shrine that I will eventually check out when it’s cooler and I don’t feel like I’m melting! I’m thinking the autumn time when the leaves are orange and red like fire in the sky. I look forward to discovering the seasons here. Autumn is my favorite so my heart is wiggling with anticipatory joy.


Even the bamboo looks mystical and pleasing.


My walk ended at the grocer’s. Ive picked up meat and veggies for dinner. You cannot imagine how difficult it is to do simple things like shopping. Hahaha! I hope things will get easier or at least progress as they should. Well I’m going to cook this currently raw meal into something hopefully delicious! Send me your chefy good thoughts. 😉

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