58 Days Later

Time sure does fly by here. Maybe it just feels that way because I've been so busy.

School is very much like school, even in Japan. You've got brats and you've got little pots of gold.

So cute

The language barrier helps in some respects and hurts in others. For instance, I can't really talk with any of the other teachers, so I pretty much don't talk during lunch or off periods. Granted I don't have many off periods either. I'm normally correcting papers anyway or coloring discussion sheets. I love coloring.

With the kids, sometimes I can't get things across to them, but that works both ways. Today I was pretty much ignored by one of the boys in my final introduction speech classes. For those of you I haven't told, my introduction speech is exactly what it sounds like it is, a presentation about me, my family, my likes and dislikes. Now, I try prett hard to make mine funny. I want the kids to laugh with me, not at me. Since this intro is about me though, if someone does make fun of it, it's a little hard to swallow. Now, I've learned some Japanese and one word I know is kimoi, creepy. If it was Halloween, I'd be ecstatic, but its not. I might even have over looked it if he had been paying attention, but he hadn't been. So, I walk up behind him during my last slide, one where I wear the Chesire cat ears just to let the kids loosen up for question time, and transfer the ears from my head to his backward facing, unsuspecting one. All the students laughed, even him. We'll have to see if I won him over the next time in in class I guess.

I believe it was Kota who was giving me trouble

I've had a few other rowdy kids, but well, as the saying of our Green Sympony group goes, children are just children.

Koudai was a sweety


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