Windy Hours

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking the train to school. I need to walk, but I feel so lazy. I just want to ramble in this weather.

Yesterday I went to an event for the ninensei called settai. It’s essentially a field day for all the 8th graders. I was so excited and happy and sad for all the students, even though I should root for my school. I did cheer for them though!

The main difference between our field day and their settai their first half is dedicated to huge group performances from every school. These dances might actually be my favorite part of being in Japan. No joke. They were beautiful both visually and auditorially. The children used flags, fans, went barefoot, did tumbles, made human pyramids, and even tossed each other into huge groups of themselves so as to appear as if they were flying. It was amazing and I really mean that!

I ended up on the field for an impromptu interview by three Kayada students; one of them had been in my speech practices there so we knew one another. They asked us our name and what we liked, but the best part was when I walked onto the field. As I was about to the center, my school Takatsu, screamed out my name and started waving to me!! I of course paused in my walk toward center field, tossed one leg out behind me at the knee, pointed my toe, raised one hand to the tips of my fingers in the air, and cheered back at them. I’ll probably never know whose idea that was, but regardless I was so happy!

Then I went home and played some Batman Arkam Asylum! Hahaha!

4 thoughts on “Windy Hours

  1. This is an amazing time in your life. And I love hearing about your new experiences. I am so proud of my sissy bear. Love u sis. Peggy

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