Tootsie Rolls

Today was a very successful day. I made it to the post office even though I forgot to take out my trash. I visited two festivals even though I didn’t bring my camera. Lastly, I conversed with a friend about deep life pertinent subjects even though the discussion was spurred on by the anime Honey and Clover. Hahahahaha! I wonder if its author hoped for that very thing; I know I do.

Aside from all of this, I also received this in the mail today.

The box was a little worse for the wear, but everything inside was top notch. Now, I didn’t take as many pictures of the contents of this box as I normally would. The reason being was once I got to this item, which was, tragically for this blog post, on top, I forgot all about my camera and started doing a jig around the room.


From here the items just got better and better. In all honesty, you can’t blame me. I loved everything in my care package: cereal, tootsie rolls, AIR HEADS from Joey, my favorite type of peanut butter, deodorant, TOOTHPASTE, COOOOOL stickers, my “Eyes on me” “Quiet” “Get into a line” signs, tomato soup, and my IAN BUTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Blushes* I was so happy it receive all these things, plus I get to fan girl over my adorable baby brother who is sooo cute and strong and cool!!!! >u< Ganbatte IAN!!!

I’m sorry my postings are so few and far between. I have been so busy with speech contest. I currently have two really great posts I need to get out there. Before I let you go, I just want to say that I am so blessed. God has been taking such good care of me even though I don’t give him the attention he wants and deserves. I got to find out Brandi’s baby’s gender. The Lord spoke to my heart at church and worship was really good. I am looking forward to the new ALT even though I miss the old one. HALLOWEEN is coming. The weather has cooled. I am making friends here in Japan. I just wanted everyone to know that, God really is watching out for me. I know some of you are praying for me and I wanted you to know that you can rest easy. I’m in the palm of His very capable hand. ^_^

4 thoughts on “Tootsie Rolls

  1. Your Dad and I just read your post. We feel honored to see the Lord bless you through us. We love you much baby girl. Looking forward to our visit at Christmas!

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