How Do You Know

My heart beats so fast when opening one of these!!

So, the Dees family sent me a WONDERFUL box filled with that which makes the heart twitter-patted, HALLOWEEN CANDY!

The girls LOVE the hot chocolate packets. I love Nerds!

These are, HANDS DOWN, the BEST Halloween candy in the WORLD. No contest.

I also received a beautiful necklace that I have proceeded to tell all the other ALTs about and anyone who will listen. Other train passengers, people in line at the DAISO, fellow teachers. You know, everyone. No, I jest! I’ve actually kept it very much to myself because in a way, you are constantly sharing here in Japan, about yourself, your family, your friends, your likes and dislikes. It’s all out there and I don’t mind sharing, but somethings, I just want to keep for just me. Like Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal. Hahahaha!!

So beautiful. I think I even wore it to bed the first night! ^u^

Also, I NEVER get up early enough to eat breakfast. Brandi knows this about me. I am constantly surprised by how much she knows about me. Anyways, so she sent a zillion of these delicious breakfast bars that have saved both my stomach AND my mood on work days.

The S’more one might be my legit fav.

I’ve been wearing these socks since I GOT the package a few days ago. Hahahaha! You had to know I would wear them mismatched B.

Seriously, they only come off to go to work…

Getting a care package really lifts my spirit. I’ve been sick this week, sore throat, feverish, and my nose melting then coagulating inside my nasal cavity like marshmallow creme in one of those spiraled straws. I’ve had at least five or six POTS of tea and the care of my friends here to help me get back on my feet. I talked with my mom and dad yesterday and you would be surprised how invigorating a chat with your parents thousands of miles away can do for you immune system. Lets just say, I’m on the mend.

SOOOO! All that to say this, thanks Brandi and Steven for cheering me up so far from home. ^_^

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