Its Halloween Here

Angela, her friend Chelsea, Hayley, and myself had a mission today. Bring Halloween to the Green Symphony Court. How do you think we did?

Happy Halloween from the Green Symphony Court!

I like the tiny pumpkin!

I might have actually forgotten how much fun it is to decorate for Halloween. I feel like I was always so buys with work and school that I barely decorated MYSELF! >u< This year was different. Perhaps bringing Halloween to our little abode felt necessary because it makes these huge grey buildings feel a little more homey. The bright orange pumpkins and streamers light up the rather dull exterior of our complex. I NEED bright colors to survive I think! Hahaha!

I hope it doesn’t rain…

We made those bats out of construction paper and bought everything else at the DAISO.

No opening my window, but a small price to pay. Anyone see the Charlie Brown ghost?

One thing the ALTs do here is decorate their doors. At least Hayley does and of course so do I. I’m currently working on a sign board for my door which I will hang with heart shaped magnets. That’s right, heart shaped. Sounds just like me I know! BUT, right now we are both decked out for Halloween!

Hayley’s door. She’s got glow in the dark decorations!

My door!

All this decorating probably wouldn’t have happened because I’m still on the mend as I’ve said and lazy, but Hayley set a time. Hayley is very ordered in that way which is REALLY good for me, and sort of cool but don’t tell her I said that, because you pretty much spell Erica with an L, Z, and WHY, because I’ll stay in doors all day if someone doesn’t tell me to do stuff. Hahahahaha! I don’t mind doing it, just don’t expect me to be the first motivator. I’ll just keep reading or watching Red vs. Blue until my brain oozes out of my ears. Oh, even this post has become Halloween like!! >u<

Chelsea and Hayley cleaning up after our little decorating party

So at around 2:00pm the four of us gathered up our bought, found in the back of our closets, or made on the fly decorations and got to business. There was even this thing though we are unsure of why its black…it works great for Halloween!! We had more fun being amused by its out of place…ness…and the confusion it may verily bring to Japanese passersby than anything else we did today.

Our Halloween tree…dude it was black, what else would it be?

I keep hearing people meander by as they do here. The huge window I use as another entrance and exit to my apartment is open and I can’t help but smile while the Japanese children and adults even are embarrassedly excited about our decorations. Can you hear it? Just image how you felt when you were “too old” for any given holiday but couldn’t stop the feeling inside you that rose up to mirror the unstoppable smile on your face. Its that sort of smiling laughter you can’t keep from bubbling past your lips. A little embarrassing as it floats away from you in the Autumn wind.

4 thoughts on “Its Halloween Here

    • Actually, many of the shops on my street have decorations up, but none of the apartments seem to or homes. I’m not sure if that’s a personal choice or a sort if you can’t bc you live in an apartment thing. The kids seem to know. I doubt they go tricker treating. Ppl keep asking Hayley if Halloween has past yet. Lol

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