Engagements and Tea Cups

So, saying that I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks would be a major understatement. Between preparing for two different school lessons and designing as well as making my Halloween costume, I’ve had little time for myself or anything else.

Now, I must come clean about something. I know that I promised the next time I went to Tokyo Disneyland I would bring my camera and take so many pictures I would need four separate blog posts to show them all to you, buuuuut I lied. Please  forgive this lowly ALT. I have a GREAT excuse!!


Definitely NOT shy.

What do you think? LOL Hayley, Angela, her friend Chelsea, and I went to TDL for our Halloween celebration. We’ll be handing candy out on the 31st, but I’m not sure about that turn out. That is of course for the children. THIS “party” was for us! Angela and I both decked ourselves out for the occasion. We felt really sad not being able to join in the cosplaying fun when Angela, myself, and Hayley went to Tokyo Game Show. Therefore, we were both SUPER determined this time to make our costumes happen. Thus you have the two of us looking awesome.
We had such a blast! Before we even got to the park we had people taking our picture and just plain happy to see us. I kept telling people, “Happy Halloween!!” One really sweet lady petted my tail and we ‘talked’ as much as I can anyway. She stuck with us a bit because she was going to TDL as well.

OF COURSE it rained pretty much all day. Hahahaha! Here I am in faux fur and what else does the weather feel is necessary but oodles of misty, drippy, unrelenting rain. I didn’t really mind as the park was more empty than it would have been.

Just bein’ myself!

When we first got there Angela and I got our picture taken with Peter Pan!! I saw Robin Hood and Friar Tuck too but they were much too busy. I surprisingly feel weird getting pictures with the actors. Weird is not the best word though, more like embarrassed because it makes me so happy to see them. Peter Pan had really lovely green eyes that matched his of course green costume. ^_^ It was really nice to talk to him for a moment.

Dance party!!!

I had three favorite moments to this day though. The first being an adorable little girl. Her parents stopped me and asked me for a picture. The father was dressed as the Chesire too. The mother was Alice and the baby in its stroller who couldn’t even talk yet was I believe suppose to be a very tiny version of the Queen of Hearts. I knelt down and almost the moment I was close by and held out a finger, she latched onto it. My biological clock fluttered. She wouldn’t let go either until her mother giggled something in Japanese toward her.

Moment two is really more of a reoccurring sort of reaction. Whilst I was at the Tokyo Game Show, I bought a pair of Necomimi. These are ears that are meant to read your heart rate and emotions and react to the readings it gets through movement. Here’s a video. Anyways, I bought a leopard pair to exchange the color it came with originally. For my costume I decided to try and make my OWN Chesire cat pair. They, as you can see, came out pretty good! Since it runs on batteries, I didn’t want to leave them on the whole time. This lead to many startled grins, laughter, and utterances of “Sugoi!” and “Kawaii!” Awesome and cute respectively. It was the most fun with little kids who either loved it or were unsure of what to think!! Hahahahaha!! I was in a definite Chesire Cat mood today.

Lastly, we headed off toward the tea cups for another battle as well as the Whinnie the Pooh Hunny Hunt ride before hit a few stores and made the trek home. We decided to meander through Cinderella’s castle to look at the mural as well as the Halloween decorations on our way. Walking along in the slow drizzle of rain praying Hayley didn’t fall on our way there as her shoes were lacking the essential traction needed on wet days, we were on the slop that headed into the castle when we were curious about some guys who were standing and just staring up at the castle with boards in their hands. We halted our progress and watched them. They turned to us and flipped their signs of and motioned for us to clap when the time came. Once I questioned the girls I was told that it would be a marriage proposal. Can you imagine that?! Being proposed to in a lit drizzle of Cinderella’s castle? How sweet. The girl came out and the man she was with directed her attention to the guys on the ground beneath. They flipped their signs and we certainly DID cheer the couple on happily as she cried nodding. It was really wonderful to be a tiny part of another being’s happiest moment.

All in all, a great time was had by everyone. Oh, and just for the record. Angela and I won the tea cup battle of course. >v<

Hayley’s reaction to my claim. Muahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Engagements and Tea Cups

  1. Awesome! What a way to spend Halloween! And my dear, I must say, you look amazing! I still maintain you have a rocking pair of legs, and the patterned hose accentuates that 🙂

      • I know, it was the lamest Halloween ever for me. Just been so busy with both jobs, I didn’t have the energy or the money to put into a costume or making plans. Bleh.

        I was thinking about Skyping earlier and how I’d love to hear your voice! I can’t absolutely guarantee the 23rd because I don’t know my restaurant schedule until the week of, but as long as I’m not on the schedule I will make it work!

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