Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I know it has been a definite leg shake since I’ve updated. I have really great reasons!! … Okay, I have so-so reasons. First off, I went home for Christmas and thus, saw the few of you who read this. Hahahaha! I was literally, ridiculously happy to see you all. Second, I’ve been pretty pooped since I got back to Japan. The trip home was very tiring. But, I have a three day weekend I’m riding at the moment and decided it was very much time for an update. So, without further procrastination, here’s a little dated Christmas post.

A bit o’ bad news first. So, I was told via email, that I had to leave the school I am currently working at two months before I was actually scheduled to depart. It’s amazing how attached you can get to people  in only three months. The hardest part though, is connecting to people. The language barrier is severe for me as I don’t know Japanese. Many of the teachers at my school know bits and pieces of English, but of course they tend to be too nervous to use it with me. I think part of it comes from the fear of me. Will she laugh if I don’t say things right? What if we can’t communicate and things get awkward? (Which they do get awkward! Hahaha!) A few of the teachers have finally started to feel comfortable enough to speak to me and now…well now I have to leave. I got pretty upset about it and told my boss how I felt but, well, things are what they are and I still have to leave. Worst of all, my last day is on my birthday. I suppose the silver lining would be spending the day with people who care about me to some degree rather than being utterly alone for the entire work day. I’ll be crying, but maybe the tears won’t be as bitter as they could have been.


Class 3-2. Third years or ninth graders by American standards. This is one of my favorite classes. The boy on the left is a sweetheart. We’re buddies as far as a teacher and student can be. ^_^ I lurve him!

A few weeks before I headed home for Christmas, I had a Christmas lesson for the children. We sang “The Little Drummer Boy” and played a game I modified to fit the occasion.  The game takes the idea of Jeopardy, with questions that give you points, and utilizes it in decorating a gingerbread man, one per team. Four teams per class would choose a category from one of the following: spelling, Japanese, music, famous people, mystery, Christmas. I would ask them a question from that category and the first two teams to answer the question correctly would get to choose a piece to decorate their gingerbread man. First place pieces were worth two points and second place pieces were worth one. In the end the kids seemed to have a lot of fun. I did too. Aside from the occasional misplacement of a candy cane, the game was a success.

A finished game of Jeopardy Gingerbread Men

A finished game of Jeopardy Gingerbread Men

Two boys noticed I was taking pictures. Lol These two can be a handful, but I like them all the same.

Two boys noticed I was taking pictures. Lol These two can be a handful, but I like them all the same.

After doing this game 27 times, that’s how many classes I have, I was heartily sick of it, but still, it was a lot of fun.

Lastly, my Christmas in America was all I could have ever hoped for. Thank you to everyone who chilled with me and went shopping with me. I know I was a bit demanding; Brandi I’m so sorry!!!! ^_^ Thanks to my parents too who put up with all my running around and, I’m sure, attitude. Hahahaha! It’s amazing Santa didn’t leave me coal for Chritmas! I’m feeling a bit sheepish now that I’m home looking back on things. Teehee.

I said on my Facebook that I got all the Christmas songs this year. I was “home for Christmas” which had never been a question before and of course I got a “white Christmas” this year too!! I have been very blessed thus far.

I show this picture off to the kids and they really like Ian's zombie shirt as well as Alyce's adorableness

I show this picture off to the kids and they really like Ian’s zombie shirt as well as Alyce’s adorableness

My last night in Texas, my mom and dad took me to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY…I cannot express how happy I was to go there!! I was having the most irrational craving for that restaurant. Mom and I shared the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cake. It was…I can’t even find words. I can still remember how good it was…my taste buds must have gotten a  hard drive to store all the delicious memories for me. My dad’s French toast and CORN BREAD near the very top of that list.



My arms must have done the same though. I really tried to store up the feeling of being hugged by boys. As a girl there is a strange need I find in myself to be snuggled up into the arms of a boy. Laugh if you will, but the feeling is there. So, to all my boys, thanks for being so understanding of my ‘clinginess’ as my father likes to remind me I am called.

Audience: “Awww!”

Before the Cheesecake Factory, mom and dad took me to see Breaking Dawn – Part 2. I was shocked, over joyed, and generally pleased. I’ll have to get the whatever-means-it’s-the-best version that comes out. It will look nice next to all my other movie copies. Blue-ray of course. ^v^

Dad and I were really excited. Thanks for taking THIS picture of me

Dad and I were really excited. Thanks for taking THIS picture of me mom…lol

Well, now I’m back in Japan. Keep keepin’ up to date with me here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I hope this year brings you great happiness!

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