A Change in Weather

Funny story.

My Mom is literally always asking me what the weather is like over here in Yachiyo. You see, she’s got some sort of app that lets her know what the weather is doing. It has never once been anywhere near correct.

“Is it raining over there Erica?!” She calls excitedly over Skype. I shake my head, laughing, and point my computer screen toward the very sunny window out of my living room.

“No, Mom. No rain so far.”

The same goes for how hot it has been or cold.

Today, I wake up to a light pattering of rain on my windowpane. I was ecstatic! I love rainy days when I’m off of work.

For the next few hours I made valiant attempt to get out of bed all failing fruition. Since it was obvious I wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon, I decided to check my email.

Not surprisingly I received an update from my boss, Mr. Moro. In the letter he asked me if it was snowing. I indulgently told him no feeling as if I was asked this question once everyday since I’d been here though that is far from true. (Mom, don’t get the wrong idea, I really love it that you try to keep up with the weather here. It might be one of the sweetest things I’ve ever run across, so keep doing it or I’ll cry.)

Finally, I decided to roll out of bed around 10 am to a ring at my doorbell. I lumbered over and opening the door had a request from Hayley if she could borrow an umbrella. Tossing her one while discussing what we were going to do for dinner that night, I rumbled upstairs to ask Jenny if she wanted to go to the grocery store with me. After getting the okay from her, I went back down to my apartment to shower. I might have been fifteen minutes, but at an insistent knocking on my door, I pushed it opened with wet hair to a developing winter wonderland. Hayley, Jenny, and I squealed at the sudden shiro, white, falling out of the sky and settling down upon everything not covered by a roof.

Jenny's makeshift "snowman"

Jenny’s makeshift “snowman”

The Koban is our police station

The Koban is our police station

Just before we went into the grocery store. The wind was blowing the snow into our eyes!!

Just before we went into the grocery store. The wind was blowing the snow into our eyes!!

As I watch out my window hours later, it’s piled up to at least three inches with little show of stopping. I think I might have been born to live somewhere that snows more than Texas does. Or maybe, the feelings piling up inside me hover closer to the joy of a child because, even though I can’t recall much of my childhood, my heart and soul remembers the fluffy white stuff, falling from the sky and landing ever so chillingly upon my upturned eyelashes.

Jenny and I have plans for a few boxes and this gently sloping decline...

Jenny and I have plans for a few boxes and this gently sloping decline…

So, in the end, yes Mom, it’s snowing in Yachiyo! ^_^

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