Falling In Love

Those words seem simple to write, but we all know how complicated they are. Of course, I’m not in love or anything. I mean, not realistically of course. So put down your torches and pitchforks people and relax. This post is about music stars and the way things operate in Japanese culture.

My tribute to Brianna who loves Shinee for good reason. Another K-Pop band.

My tribute to Brianna who loves Shinee for good reason. Another K-Pop band.

J-Pop. K-Pop. Which of course stands for Japanese Pop and Korean Pop music.

K-Pop band I've listened to before

K-Pop band I’ve listened to before

In the J-Pop trends there is a company that actually manufactures these J-Pop groups called Johnny’s. Its a talent agency started by a guy named Johnny Kitagawa. He even attends concerts and ”grades” their performances apparently.

There are also girl groups too. AKB48 has more than 48 members...don't ask me how that works.

There are also girl groups. AKB48 has more than 48 members…don’t ask me how that works.

Fans literally fall in love with these groups. They cry for them. They cheer for them. They write really inappropriate fan fiction based on members getting together for…themselves. Hahahaha!

But really. I’ve decided to take the plunge and lose my heart to Yuichi Nakamaru. He’s a member of KAT-TUN which is a J-Pop band here. Angela introduced me to the group. But Na-chan introduced me to the falling part of things.

Look at that nerdy goodness

Look at that nerdy goodness

The song that claimed me was his Step by Step. The line: “I’m not superman but I still want to protect you.” How can girls not fall for them with lines like that? So, of course they do. Just like me.

The concerts are what really steal your heart though. They take such sweet care of their fans. The concerts are interactive. The fans know hand motions and dances. They know the words of course and sing their parts while their hearts dance, sweat, and sing on stage.

They even have clubs you can join. You have to pay a yearly fee, but in many cases this is the only way to even get tickets to their concerts. Luckily, I’ve got a friend whose got a membership. (Wiggles eyebrows at Angela.)

News is another band I've heard of. They're cute

News is another band I’ve heard of. They’re cute

In order to get tickets, sales are opened up to fans first and normally sell out before they are opened to the public, club members enter a lottery. If they get the tickets, they have a time frame in which to buy them. Hardcore members enter the lottery for all the tickets and buy them to resell them or give them to friends. Its a really interesting subculture of Japan.

I’m currently in training of course to learn songs in a language I don’t even know, but a fan girl does what she must. Of course this is one of the reasons I’m attempting to get into this particular subculture of Japan. If I can sing Japanese, surely I can speak it.

I’m actually really hoping to find my own band to like. There is a singer I’m interested in but I can’t remember his name and I’m too embarrassed to ask…

I’m dejected now, but one day I’ll find him again and I will become his adoring fan. Hahahaha! Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Falling In Love

    • Hahaha!! Right?! There’s this one called Kamenashi (turtle pear in English) and he is sooooo arrogant but for good reason. Pretty AND musical. Plus he’s a good actor too. A movie is coming out with him where he plays like fifteen different personalities of himself. Should be interesting.

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