Another Mini-Update iPhone Style

The last Spring Concert I went to was Hayley’s! Today, Saturday, I went to another Spring Concert, but for Murakami which is Jenny’s school!

I’ve decided I should try to attend these sorts of things so that at least some of the students can see my face and hear my name before I’m in class with them. It might not amount to a hill of beans in the end, but I like to think it might make the “new teacher” transition a little easier.

I was really happy to see two of my favorite students at this Spring Concert though I don’t have their pictures. I also got to meet my favorite Kogmix band member whose little sister attends Murakami!! I didn’t even know. It was unmei which means destiny!! (o^^o)

Jenny from Tyler and I also went Sakura hunting!! Expect more pictures on the seventh with a full post!





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