Closing April

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

The end of April draws to a close.

So many things have happened.

Spring is running madly past me and in marches Summer. Oh summer…I do not covet the heat you will bring, but I am dearly in want of my parents!! They will come to get me and drag my limp body home to Texas. Joy!! I’m so tired of living abroad.

Spring 2014 001

Myriad of bells tinkle, Hurried chimes drop one after another, Home is calling me.

I recently began a new school. I have yet to have had classes, but I have waved at some of the students. Two at least remember me from summer speech contest. When I met one of them, she squealed and went jumping down the hall. It is a pleasant change from my previous school.

Spring 2014 008

The river near my house – The Shinkawa.

Jennifer went to Katsutadai before me, so she showed me the way. Luckily, I get to walk or bike down by the river. It makes for a nice journey.

Spring 2014 013

Yachiyo feels big for some reason, but from far away it sure looks small.

Spring 2014 002 Spring 2014 011 Spring 2014 014

Wow…I have lived abroad. Who knew I would or could have done something so grand sounding. I look forward to home, but I do not regret coming to Japan at all. I have learned so much. That is for another post though, sometime in July or August I suspect when I’ll end this blog and perhaps begin a new one? I don’t know and surprisingly, that’s okay. I won’t tell you how long it has taken me to be comfortable with that sentence.

Spring 2014 028

I love how clean Sakura blossoms look.

Spring 2014 018

I’ll miss this river walk.

This will be my last time most likely to see the sakura bloom. Sadly, I was not able to hanami or go flower viewing this year because of the surgery.

Spring 2014 016 Spring 2014 019 Spring 2014 023 Spring 2014 024

So, that’s closing April.


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