A Pit Stop Over the Pacific is my red thread to friends and family back home. Come 7-19-12 I will be living, working, and playing in Yachiyo, Japan, a little town about twenty mikes east of Tokyo. My new job is to be an Assistant Language Teacher. My main use will be to teach pronunciation, grammar, and the more difficult concepts easier understood by a native speaker. I will hopefully get to be the fun instructor though that all the kids like because I don’t have to lecture! Hahaha!

I will also be traveling to some other places around the globe, merely for my enjoyment and because now would be a good time. Postings of those adventures, pictures and whatever else, will be blogged about here as well. Look forward to it!

Please comment and let me know you miss me, what you’d like to see pictures of, or what you would like to read about here!

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