Poohetry In Pictures

Collide:A kiss

Collide: A kiss

Collide: A kiss

Water Falls


Sound, Only

On Impact.




I am hidden.

I am hesitant.

But, unafraid.

I Will Never BE: Alone

I Will Never BE: Alone

I Will Never BE: Alone

One,     of many     ,



seeing, without noticing,

i am more






finally,     you see     ,


.you see me.

The City - street smarts

The City – street smarts

The City – street smarts


                         in color

Only grey


There is more to life,

than sentience.

A Child's Heart, Brings You Home

A Child’s Heart

A Child’s Heart



the wind blows

faery wings flutter

chimes sound: twinkling

scent of rainfall

                     Close your eyes…

                                                                                          …we’re there, home

4 thoughts on “Poohetry In Pictures

  1. I love these!!!! All of them!! My favorites are: Miss. Understood and I will never BE: alone

    AND of course the pictures are beautiful!! 🙂

    • Thank you B!!!! I love knowing that its when you just put a B. Lol I feel special!! ^_^ I Will Never BE: alone was the hardest one to write. <.< And Miss.Understood was why I decided to write a series of poems at all, so good picks!

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