An Hour Early

Hangin out!

There is something to be said for uneventful travel; I like it!


Sushi on our flight to Japan!

We've been flying now since 1:30pm. The current time is 7:20pm. We have 3123 miles and five hours and forty-three minutes to go.


In alaska there is an inlet named after Brandi, the Cook Inlet.

One of our meals on the long flight

I wear my sunglasses in flight!!


Sleep. Light. It gets bright very early here, something I believe I will love.


People run around in jerseys and on bikes. Cars give them great care. Children truly run amuck with laughter on the streets. I suppose I thought that it would be quieter, but in truth, so far, I love the noise.


Hearing the girls call to one another, their cheerful chattering, makes the sadder parts of my homesick soul easier to smile at. I am thinking of you all.


They hang their laundry outside quite a bit. I was told by my new friend and previous tennant Jamie, that dryers are a luxury, one I think I'll be pretty willing to forego. Even if they do have an occational panty thief! Hahaha! What a surprise that would be.

Finally here!


The toilets are hand washing stations as well as…depositories? Hahaha! The showers I think I'll love! They have a shower room actually. An area tiled for the shower and a super deep tub! I think I would like to by a stool for the shower area. I've always wanted bath furniture!



2 thoughts on “An Hour Early

  1. When I went to Africa the was a shower room as well, sort of nice not having a door or curtain to contend with. You will learn to love it,except in the winter when it is a bit cold. You will then realize how much the doors and curtains kept in the heat. Burrrrrrrrrrr

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